Graphing Other Things? Other ways networks can be used.

Here is an example of a graph i made which is an attempt at graphing at out Hamlet’s speech “To be or Not To Be”. In order to do so, I utilised the website textexture – a great and innovate attempt at graphing out language and text in a way that attempts to find connections between how different words are read. (read more at the website)

to be or not to be


Graphing on a Mac

As per usual, Apple makes it just slightly harder to accomplish things that windows and linux do with flying colours.

To get started, this great blog post shows you all the steps required to get NodeXL working on a mac. They include using virtual box or Amazon EC2

This video shows you how to create a micro-instance of Amazon on your Mac:


Another great option for those of you who are using Macs, is to look for other programs which can accomplish similar tasks to NodeXL.

One great example is Gephi, an opensource software designed to generate and export lovely looking graphs.

On this page, you can find both the download links and information for installing on Windows, Mac or linux.

This page offers some great intro tutorials for working with Gephi.

I hope you all enjoy!